Are Nap and Bed Time Routines Really That Important

Are Nap and Bed Time Routines Really that Important?

YES! If you asked me this question 25 years ago, I would have had a very different answer for you. I’d tell you to follow your baby’s lead. After all, they would cry and you would eventually provide them with what they needed, right? WRONG! 😉

Babies and children absolutely thrive from routine and predictability. Although, starting a routine early on is a great idea, it will take time before your baby actually “catches on.” However, when we create a routine, along with sleep associations, it makes nap time and bed time more successful and enjoyable.

Experts across the board will disagree as to when you should start this so called “routine.” Does this mean that from the time you come home from the hospital that your baby MUST sleep in his/her crib and the routine begins? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That isn’t a healthy approach for you or your baby. The first few weeks should be all about enjoying your baby while easing your transition from being a couple to now a family. Does this mean that you should begin to create and establish healthy sleeping habits at 6 months old? Not so much, unless that’s what YOU choose is best for you and your family.

I come from a very practical approach to creating and establishing healthy sleeping patterns that your precious babies will take with them for the next several years of their lives.

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