How to get your Newborn to Sleep Longer Stretches
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How to get your Newborn to Sleep Longer Stretches

How to get your Newborn to Sleep Longer Stretches

Every single newborn baby is unique. Some babies will naturally eat and sleep and others have different agendas. As my grandma always used to tell me, “If we were all alike, the world would be boring.”

So, if you’re struggling getting your baby down to sleep longer than a short cat nap, here are some helpful tips I’ve out together for you!

Watch for Sleepy Cues

Yawning, rubbing their eyes, looking away are all signs that your baby is sleepy. If your baby is beginning to get fussy, they’re overtired and for the next nap you can put them down earlier.


Swaddling your baby properly and correctly is so beneficial. Swaddling soothes babies and allows them to sleep longer stretches without unnecessarily waking caused by newborn reflexes. Some of my favorite newborn swaddles include the “Swaddle Me” and the “Miracle Blanket.”

 Full Tummy

Whether you’re nursing or formula feeding, it’s much easier for your baby to sleep after a full feeding as opposed to a snack.


Be sure to burp your baby during and after feedings. Burping releases air while making your baby calmer and more comfortable.

White Noise

White noise is great for soothing babies and mimics the sound of the womb. It wasn’t exactly quiet in there; hence, why we love using sound machines.

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