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How to successfully travel with your baby that is already sleep trained

How to successfully travel with your baby that is already sleep trained

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The holidays are here and hopefully we will all be spending some quality time with loved ones near and far. As an infant and toddler sleep consultant, my phone rings and email floods with the same question year after year. So.. let’s get started and answer that question.

How can I successfully travel with my infant/ toddler that is already sleep trained?

Very easily! Yep, I said it!! If you have followed the Blissful Baby Sleep Protocol, then you would not have sleep trained your baby right before planning to leave on vacation.

If you have worked with me before, you know my overall philosophy is all about being “practical.” Some of you will be travelling where you have family, friends, and loved ones that will be meeting your precious bundle of joy for the first time. How exciting?!!

At the same time, no one wants to have an over tired baby. That’s not fun for anyone and only makes it harder on your lil one when trying to settle them down for naps and/or bedtime.

The key here is to have your baby nap when possible and obviously as close to their schedule as possible. If you can get at least one nap in their portable crib or pack and play, great. I absolutely love the “Lotus Travel Crib.” It’s lightweight and easy to take on a plane or ride across town. If there’s a day and they end up napping on you and in the car, not to worry. Life is meant to be lived and I want everyone to enjoy this time of the year.

When you return home, what do you do? You go right back to the routine as if you’ve never left. Obviously, if there’s some jet lag, there will be other factors that will need adjusting. All in all, take a deep breath, remain calm and confident that your baby “knows” how to sleep. I’m quite sure they will be happy to return to their cribs and big boy/girl beds!

Do you have more questions about travelling with your baby? Feel free to contact us at 561-674-3104.

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